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Our focus and expertise in applying fundamental analysis to digital assets separates us from the rest. We adopt an active approach and partner with teams to bootstrap necessary network effects for them to scale.


Mint Quant is a digital asset management platform that enables the creation of pools for digital asset management. This pool allows investors to put their capital to work in different strategies based on a transparent track record of the investment pool.


We provide invaluable DeFi thought leadership and guidance on critical aspects such as token economics, governance scaling and community building. We believe investing is more than just a standalone transaction and we are in this for the long term with our founders

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We are a group of passionate, independent thinkers who never stop exploring new ways to improve digital asset management for everyone.

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Asset management pools

As the sponsor of several digital asset management tools and the fund manager, Mint Quant offers investment exposure to some of the best asset management pools designed by professionals, all through familiar investment product structures.