A digital-native asset manager,
for a digital-driven world.

The investment climate is changing, and investors need to create financial legacies that will stand the test of time. As the largest digital currency asset manager, Mintquant helps investors access the ever-evolving digital economy to build their future in the present.

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    Invest in the

    Digital Economy

    Blockchain technology and digital assets are radically transforming industries, creating the digital economy, and ultimately, building a digital-native world.

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    Future-proof your


    Investors are searching for opportunities to future-proof their portfolios by investing in the digital economy and the companies, ideas, and technologies that underpin it.

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    Build a

    Financial Legacy

    Mintquant creates investments inspired by a digital future, so that investors can build stronger, more diversified, and lasting financial legacies.

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    With the industry’s longest track record, Mintquant is the trusted partner for institutional and individual investors interested in digital currencies and the growing digital economy.


    Mintquant’s products operate within existing regulatory frameworks, and its hallmark products are the first SEC reporting funds in the industry.


    Investors can seamlessly purchase Mintquant products in their IRA or other investment accounts directly via brokerage platforms.


    Mintquant is a digitally-native company, and has unique, early insight into innovations with growth potential in the digital economy.


    Mintquant products lead the industry in terms of availability and scale, both in investment opportunities and liquidity.